Phím tắt của Brackets trên Windows

Tổng hợp phím tắt – keyboard shortcuts dùng trong Brackets trên Windows.

Ctrl + +Increase Font Size
Ctrl + -Decrease Font Size
Ctrl + 0Return to Default
Ctrl + Shift + HHide/Show the Sidebar
Ctrl + Alt + PLive Preview
Ctrl + Shift + CLive Preview Highlight
Ctrl + Shift + OQuick Open
Ctrl + WClose Current File
Ctrl + Shift + WClose All Files
Ctrl + OOpen a File
Ctrl + NNew File
Ctrl + Alt + RSwitch Project
F2Rename current file
Ctrl + XDelete/Cut line/selection
Ctrl + DDuplicate line/selection
Ctrl+CCopy line/selection
Ctrl + VPaste line/selection
Ctrl + /Single line comment
Ctrl + Shift + /Block comment
Ctrl + EnterAdd a new line after the current line
Ctrl + Shift + EnterAdd a new line before the current line
LeftMove to the left
RightMove to the right
UpMove up one line
DownMove down one line
Ctrl + RightMove to next word
Ctrl + LeftMove to previous word
Alt + RightMove to the end of line
Alt + LeftMove to the beginning of the line
Ctrl + HomeMove to the beginning of file
Ctrl + EndMove to the end of file
Ctrl + UpScroll line up
Ctrl + DownScroll down
Ctrl + LSelect the current line
Ctrl + BSelect the current word
Ctrl + ASelect all the text
Shift + RightSelect the next character
Shift + LeftSelect the previous character
Shift + UpSelect the previous line
Shift + DownSelect the next line
Shift + Alt + RightSelect next word
Shift + Alt + LeftSelect previous word
Shift + Cmd + RightSelect to the end of line
Shift + Cmd + LeftSelect to the beginning of line
Shift + Cmd + HomeSelect to the beginning of file
Shift + Cmd + EndSelect to the end of file
Ctrl + Shift + UpMove current line/selection up
Ctrl + Shift + DownMove current line/selection down
Ctrl + ]Indent
Ctrl + [Unindent
Shift + TabUnindent
Ctrl + EOpen/Close Quick Edit
Alt + DownGo to next rule in list
Alt + UpGo to previous rule in list
EscClose Quick Edit
Ctrl + NCreate a New Rule
Ctrl + FFind
F3Find Next
Shift +F3 Find Previous
Ctrl + Shift + FFind in Files
Ctrl + HReplace
Ctrl + Shift + HReplace in Files
Ctrl + BAdd next match to your selection
Ctrl + Shift + BSkip and add next match
Ctrl + UUndo last selection change
Ctrl+ Shift + URedo last selection change
Alt + F3Find all and select
Ctrl + ClickAdd to your selection
Alt + Click & dragSelect a column
Alt + Shift + UpAdd Cursor to Previous Line
Alt + Shift + DownAdd Cursor to Next Line
Ctrl + Alt + LSplit Selection Into Lines
EscSwitch to a Single Selection
Ctrl + EQuick Edit
Ctrl + JJump to Definition
Ctrl + Shift + OQuick Open
Ctrl + TGo to Definition
Ctrl + GGo to Line
Ctrl + KQuick Docs
Ctrl + QQuit
Ctrl + SSave
Ctrl + Alt + SSave All
Ctrl + Shift + SSave As...
Ctrl + Shift + DDelete Line(s)
F5Reload Brackets
F8Go to First Error/Warning
F12Show Developer Tools
Ctrl + SpaceShow Code Hints
Ctrl + Shift + TabPrevious Document
Ctrl + TabNext Document

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